Do you think you are brave enough to strike a pose and ask for change? Do you put yourself out there and make it happen? 

Subtle changes in body languages could unlock your keys to success.

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy gave a brilliant TED talk on body language. She says certain "power poses" don't just change how others perceive you “they immediately change your body chemistry. Plus these changes affect the way you do your job and interact with other people.”

As we know women are far underrepresented in the workplace, all levels from the board through senior management and onwards. How proud would we be to see success stories be led by a more balanced inspirationally diverse group of people?

Only one in ten decision makers and 27% of employees are female in a recent VC study.

Entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, cross bench peer in the House of Lords and a Director at Twitter said "the tech industry can be a powerful force for good, however, there's not always equal access to the opportunities it presents.

A recent Salt Sessions event we hosted recently was based on "Women in Tech”, during which an inspirational question arose from the floor. A bright young UX recruiter drew reference to our education system and the systematic brain training from an early age. To paraphrase “…boys are taught sport and pirates in blue and green, girls are taught princesses and make up in purples and pinks...”

Be brave and bold and make the change.

Watch Amy Cuddy on TED

I believe the more we work to drive the change we are looking forward to seeing the richer and more balanced our working environments will be.