Keeping up the theme of the lighter side of the recruitment function.  Today I attempt to uncover if there is an alternate career for the agency recruiter.

I know I am a corporate recruiter, so why do I sometimes feel like Will Smith in Hitch? 

Think about it, our profession is very similar to that of a romantic matchmakers.  You can’t deny that most people who are “on the market” (did you recognise that term) have some sort of list in their head or literally written down. 

Hypothetically speaking, this list would typically have the “must haves” and “must not haves” which may include

  • Location – do I want to drive that far to see that person, are they worth it or to that place of work, what are my transport options?
  • Money – is that potential partner financially stable or is that employer offering my market worth?
  • Environment – can I see myself waking up here or can I see myself working here?
  • Direct report – do they have kids, is this a deal breaker with Mr or Mrs right or is it a team of talent in the right places who need leadership or constant managing?
  • Stakeholders – do I like the look of the new partners family, friends and work colleagues or internal and external contacts?
  • Line manager – a partners parents or your new boss?
  • Brand – what does this person stand for, values and beliefs or is this company an employer of choice how does the market perceive them?

Ok, so your list might not be so extensive but for me, I met my partner on a dating site and literally had a list of “must haves” and so when I met my now fiancé and mother of my son, we were off to a strong start.  Much like matching up an amazing candidate with an equally amazing employer, we are looking for a strong match in both parties “must haves” and “must not haves”.  If you leave it up to meeting in the pub at 3am or not doing your due diligence, well… the chance of a break up is likely!

Once us recruiters have found a skills and experience match we then arrange the meet up and create some early ambiance, set the mood and then let the magic happen between two hopefuls, wishing they’re perfect match is in front of them. Because everyone wants to be loved and much like you and your perfect partner – we all want that perfect employer or employee just as much.

Does this sound like a scenario that you agree or disagree with?  Love to know your thoughts or additions to the list?