It is great to see that New Zealand's leading tech organisations have put together a manifesto of NZ's Digital Future. The report has been sent across all government and focuses on 3 key areas: People, Economy and Government. There are a dozen goals set out including the creation of a dedicated Ministry for the Future which, to be honest, is a cool enough name to make me consider a job there!

They have also made mention of future immigration policies and skills shortages as potentially one of the main inhibitors to the success of this industry in NZ. They do have some balanced suggestions about some short, mid and long-term solutions.

I'm sure we have read and listened to some of the numerous articles mentioning the pace of change of technology at the moment and what that could mean. At times it can be difficult to extract new and clear information from the background noise. I think that having a clear plan and a dedicated body to look at the wide-reaching impacts that these technologies will bring to all of our lives is not just a good idea, it's absolutely crucial.