Living in Sydney is fantastic. We have beautiful weather, awesome scenery and some of the world’s greatest restaurants, it's truly is an amazing place to live, work and play.

As a leading global digital recruitment business, it’s our job to engage with talent both locally and internationally. The team are out every day meeting clients and candidates to discuss market trends and hiring demand, it’s our pleasure to work such fantastic people who are doing amazing work. We are also speaking every day to superb talent from many overseas locations including USA, Russia, India, China, UK and Dubai. Many of these overseas candidates have excellent backgrounds and can bring a fresh new approach to the Australian marketplace.

The phone bills may be stacking up but the market is certainly smaller here than that of the US or the UK so there is always, to a certain degree, a skills shortage in some areas. At Salt, we have built key communities within niche verticals (modern programming languages, UX/UI, data & analytics, digital media & adtech) so we can supply talent to our clients in the shortest possible time. We find that engaging with candidates (active job seekers or passive) through providing unique, sophisticated and relevant market information is ensuring we have built the deep talent pools required.

As a recruitment company working in the fast-paced digital world it's vital that the reach is both local and with overseas talent. At Salt, we pride ourselves on being able to supply the right talent in the shortest possible time, that could be a local Aussie or someone currently overseas. It’s important to note that overseas can often mean an Australian national who happens to be out the country and could be thinking of returning to our sandy shores for their next role.