I wish I had a simple answer. I'm sure everyone does, but making a winning team cannot be answered simply, if at all. It's not a formula. It can't be exactly recreated. There is no blueprint.

There are so many management books out there (and sports books disguising themselves as management books...or is it vice versa?) that if you took all the advice and tried to implement it you would, undoubtedly, over-complicate the matter at hand. Ideas and recommendations would contradict. They would work against each other and the net effect would be zero, or even negative.

I write about a winning team because at the moment mine is.

My team of recruiters at Salt are definitely outperforming expectation.

And it's delightful!

So why are we in such a great position?

Simple - the people are brilliant.

Not necessarily all brilliant recruiters, but brilliant people. For different reasons but everyone has their part to play, and they act together as one.

If ever a phrase was overused then it would be "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", but I can honestly say it's what I witness day in, day out.

My team members may not even be aware of the part they play. Some roles are very clear, others much more subtle. Be it the laughs created or the banter shared, and always with a positive effect on what we are here to do - help clients fill roles and candidates get jobs.

In recruitment, our job is simple. It's made complicated because we deal with people. But for all the challenging foibles and nuances of "people", that's also what makes them unique. Get a great mix of those differences and they harmonise.

I'd be lying if I said I'd gone out there and picked people to blend in this way. Much of it was circumstance or fortune but I'm not going to stare a gift horse in the mouth. What I did do was hire good people who happened to be (or want to be) recruiters.

So can I answer simply or share a formula? Yeah, I guess I can. Hire good, honest, brilliant people. (And if you don't hire them yourself, be lucky with the ones you inherit!)