I have been recruiting people into 'Big Data' jobs since 2014. Coming into the industry at that time allowed me to watch huge changes materialise as companies did whatever they could to claim that they too, were "doing Big Data".

The 'hype' aspect became apparent in that many of these businesses had no idea why or how this pursuit would add value to their enterprises. People began to "do Big Data" first and look for a viable use case later. This resulted in a huge waste of cash on contractors, software integration consultancies and installations of powerful hardware on ill-suited projects. Naturally people began to say that 'Big Data' has failed, adds no value and costs too much.

Coupled with the right strategy and a capable team the use of 'Big Data' technology has and will continue to make huge savings and increased revenues for the majority of businesses. In fact, the faster we move away from the 'hype' of the early teensies (2010s) the faster the term 'Big Data' will become redundant! It is fast becoming the norm and the message from those who got it right to begin with is overwhelmingly positive.

My job allows me to speak to people in this field every day. The general belief is that now the 'hype' is over we can really get down to adding more value and doing some real work quietly and efficiently.