A continuation of my recent blog ’29 things I’ve learnt at 29’. Part one (1-11) can be found here… http://insight.welovesalt.com/post/102e8c7/talk-nearly-thirty-to-me  Part 3 can be found later… 

12) It’s important to learn how to communicate and express yourself effectively. Being able to say what’s on your mind in a clear and calm way will guarantee much better relationships both personally and professionally.

13) Learn when to say sorry and when not to. When I was in NYC I learnt it’s a very British thing to apologise, constantly. 3 months of NYC institutionalisation I now only apologise when I mean it. This makes it more genuine and brings back the meaning to the word and emotion.

14) Learn your worth. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do or don’t deserve something* 

*Don’t become a princess- it goes both ways.

15) Don’t be a princess. No one likes a princess apart from the royal kind.

16) Don’t be afraid to not be liked. I read a book recently called ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck’ by Sarah Knight. Honestly life-changing, I suggest picking it up it. It clearly explains how to get the best from your life by not wasting your time with (you guessed it) doing stuff you don’t give a f*ck about but not becoming an irresponsible, hated human. 

17) Success is perspectival. You might think a fancy house with an extortionate mortgage is a success I might not. You do you.

18) Jealousy is a wasted emotion

19) Is that little thing you’re stressing about now going to matter in a week/months/years’ time? No, then think about why you are wasting time and energy worrying about it. 

20) Pretending to be perfect doesn’t make it so. Social media ruins lives. Fact*

*Not sure this is an actual fact


NB. If offense was caused by some of the language used I am sorry. Actually.