Everyday (Mon-Fri - often Sat - sometimes Sun) I wake up and fight the urge to check my emails the whole journey into the office. I then spend the day absorbed in all the activity and problems I face on the daily struggle to enlightenment / vast richness / completeness and hedonism. I battle with myself and justify everything I do before I do it. I guess it’s called life, work being a grown up and having to get on with it. The older I get,  the harder it gets.   Days, weeks and months go by and then before I realise it I am in a routine of irritation, a cycle of exasperation and cannot remember how life was before or how much better it can be. I know I am not alone. 

Those dedicated to success (or at least the unending quest to fulfil one's self), who strive to provide, to elevate themselves above the competition and generally be seen as people who won’t give in often fall into the “just get on with it” category above (mostly meaning we are cyclical information vampires, always needing to be and wanting to be connected to work). 

For example in recruitment (for those that don't know), individuals are pretty much in control of their destiny by running their own desk. Managing their own time and juggling multiple decisions that could result in us being a success or an epic failure (depending on what we are judged on and who is judging). Some may say we are entrepreneurs, others say a necessary evil (harsh, some of us do a great job and actually care) but either way staying connected is key.

In this day and age being online constantly is the norm, it’s almost unavoidable and it’s a part of what we have become as a generation. 

We cannot fight the monkey that sits on our shoulders and questions all we do, we need to realise that it’s part of us and accept it. Some of us are programmed to come into work, do their thing and go home and turn off (I am not in this gang). Some of us are programmed to go full on non-stop till they drop, to give it all, hit the wall, recharge and go again. If you are in the latter gang, this excellent article will help to level out the desire to diminish your existence through the medium of work. It may quote entrepreneurs but for anyone that works hard, it's valuable and relevant.

Love yourself, Once a day, turn off, tune out and focus on nothing but your breathing, just let that little monkey run wild.