You would think the topic of how to write your CV gets old after a while. Especially because it should be easy to write about yourself. You know yourself best, now you just need to put together a compelling cover letter and professional resume and show your future employer why you are the best candidate. That's the theory. 

CV writing can be easy if you avoid the following "deadly sins" that will put employers and recruiters off. Remember, the time they spend reading your CV is limited and you don't want to drop out of the race for things you could have avoided. If just someone would have told you! Well, I will do it:

Please avoid:

1. Typos and grammatical errors

2. Use of jargon, clichés and quotes

3. A CV more than two pages in length

4. Writing in the third person

5. Inclusion of clip art or emojis or unconventional fonts

6. Unprofessional email address

7. Not making it relevant for the reader

As a marketer I can only remind you that form and style matter as much as the content itself. Try putting yourself in the readers shoe's and ask someone to proofread and give you feedback before you send it out. 

The reason why you never heard back from your application might be some simple error you made that eliminated you from the process, as found in this study: