There are two schools of thought when it comes to going back to an establishment you once used to work at. While some applaud the decision to go back, there’s the select few who will say it’s like taking two steps back in your career.

Now, who says we can’t progress in our career by going back to a company we once used to work at? If you noticed from my LinkedIn, I first started my recruitment career with Salt and took a break in between to join another establishment before joining Salt again.

Call me cheesy, but when I left the first time around, it was similar to the feeling I had when I left home after high school to enjoy my gap year before finally returning home – where I always belonged. If one’s experience wasn’t entirely pleasant where they once worked, that’s always going to deter them from rejoining. However, on my end, I had the most pleasant experience, learned everything I know about recruitment from them and was treated well till my last day with, and even after. Hence my decision to rejoin was made almost instantaneously and coming back for the second time does have its advantages!

Familiarity – coming back - you almost waste no time in getting on with work as you are familiar with the people, the systems and the processes! Also, the newbies that have joined have probably heard of you and there is no time lost in getting acquainted with them.

A fresh new perspective – ever whined about things before? Spending some time in another company will give you a fresh new perspective on things and those things you whined about before might not be so bad after all.

Knowing what you want to achieve – returning with a clearer mind gives you the advantage of addressing all concerns you had before and you return knowing clearly what you want to achieve, and waste no time communicating that with the management.

I’ve only been back ten weeks and I’m already reaping the benefits of working with Salt again. The next time someone from your old company approaches you for a job again, stop and think about the benefits of joining them again and how you can address your concerns to make some real progression with them.