There is a struggle in Hong Kong that many expats here can relate to - if you don't speak the language (Cantonese or Mandarin) it cuts down your chance of landing a job by quite a bit. That's the unfortunate reality we face - I know first hand!

However....there are terms being thrown around lately that get me questioning a lot about living in China, being Chinese, not being Chinese, speaking Chinese, not speaking Chinese (confusing I know....just hear me out).

ABC, BBC, CBC - these are terms I've only recently become acquainted with. No, not the TV stations - those I am quite familiar with (how else do you think I get my Sherlock fix?)

ABC - American/Australian-born Chinese

BBC - British-born Chinese

CBC - Canadian-born Chinese

Basically, these acronyms describe Chinese people of different origins. Why are these terms so relevant? Well, I'm glad you asked!

For some reason, it has become more and more attractive for companies to start hiring these types of individuals, specifically within the Hong Kong MarTech, FinTech, AdTech, WhateverTech scene. For what reason? Good question! One could argue that it makes the company seem more diverse.

But to me, that's just a way to diversify in a very un-diversifying way. Yes, it makes sense that an individual that has local, as well as global knowledge,  would make a great hire - more often than not you'll find these individuals even speak the local language fluently. That does make things more diverse - but not if you limit your search to just that specific group. Now it's less diverse. The fact that some companies only specifically look for your ABC, BBC and CBCs makes me question the whole idea of "diversifying".

Suddenly - you've not just cut the expats out of the mix, but the locals as well. Instead, you're looking for a hybrid of the two - something quite rare to come by.

Maybe I'm just completely naive. Maybe I'm seeing things completely wrong or differently. Keep in mind this is a very subjective way of seeing things, as I'm only basing this on my observations in the last 3-4 months. 

Who knows - maybe one day we will start seeing acronyms for people like myself: A GBHFHGPBARIHK (A German-born half Filipino half German person born and raised in Hong Kong)

Also: I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic (as I feel I don't know the whole story), so please don't be shy and leave a comment!