All the research tells us that diverse teams and organisations produce better financial returns so why are we still so focused on age. I have had the absolute pleasure to spend the last 5 years working in Asia and I cannot tell you how many times when taking detailed briefs the request for a candidate at a  specific age is made.  

I have had clients tell me that don't want anyone over 30 and I have had clients roar with laughter when they have told me they hire people as old as 40. Given I clearly fall into a bracket outside of both of those I assume they believe I have reached my use by date.  

Equally, I get that people at the other end of the employment scale also get discriminated against all because of a number. 

So why is it, when we are supposedly so open minded and willing to adopt and adapt that we struggle to get past someone's age? Let's face it we see it everywhere just look at the recent French election, he was depicted as being too young to govern by many and his partner was seen to be too old for him. When will we get over the number and look at whether someone has the skills and competencies to perform the role.

Someone can have performed the same role for 10 years and yet be less experienced or skilled than a person with 5 years in a similar role. It all comes down to what you did in that time, including the frequency and recency and naturally the outcomes you have delivered.  

Whether you are beginning your career or like me have racked up some good mileage, ultimately our age doesn't define who we are or what we can contribute. Dig deeper and find out just what we have experienced, it might just surprise you. Age is not a competency!