When do you stop dreaming? "I never for a moment thought I'd end up here and now I'm stuck in a job I didn't even choose!" Heard that before, have you?

"Humans have the gift of imagination and we have to be careful that we use this gift wisely, we have to use our creative capacity to educate our children so the next generations of life can flourish together." Sir Ken Robinson

Everyone knows a day dreamer and everyone remembers sitting in class dreaming about the future.

The problem is our education system is geared toward Maths, Science, English, and other core subjects that are not the arts, media, design and more.

We are boxed and closed into our roles in life all the way through our education systems and our careers.

We should embrace and encourage those people that want to live their life in the way they want to, they want to freestyle and have creative lives, those that want to break the rules and follow their entrepreneurial flare.

We don't all have to be the same, the world would be a mighty boring place if we were. There'd be nothing to watch on tellie for a start :)

Seriously though let's create a future where we all can follow our dreams, whatever they are.

It's all too easy to live life day by day getting wrapped up in the rat race. Take some time to reflect and consider what your dreams were when you were younger and imagine that world, that is still possible.

If it is too late for you then you can contribute to the learning and education of our next generation. I can do more to develop and inspire our next generation, I can be the best dad to my children and the friends of my children.

We can all take time out to help our next generation to imagine a better world and to reach their dreams.

We can do this together.