Let's keep it simple - our job as recruiters is to match people to jobs. To speak with people about what they do, why they do it, what they like and what they don't like. We have to recognise who can do a certain job and just as, in fact more importantly, who would fit culturally with our clients.

We make our recommendations and have to believe in the choices we make. We stand by the fact our advice is the best we can give even when clients don't see it or agree. Sometimes we have to respectfully disagree and (Jack Nicholson style "you can't handle the truth") educate people on our thoughts. 

What we cannot influence is the behaviours and mindsets of the leadership of clients. Most companies have words they call values up on the wall and most try to hire according to these. This should, in turn, dictate the companies culture, how they live and breath, how they want to be perceived by the outside world.

Then comes the hard part. These values have to be lived and displayed from the top down and executed by all layers. If this isn't the case the trickle down effect is distorted and you end up with people pulling in different directions, people will reflect what they see rather than the "aspirations" on the wall. 

Hiring and getting it right all the time is hard. You can spend a lot of time selecting the right traits, desires and motivations and things still not work out for reasons out of people's control. This is part of growth,  but if you follow the values you write and preach, people will adopt them and become one with them and become integral to the business.

You fundamentally build a team through a combination of behaviour, experience, attitude, desire, personality and ability. Ultimately the leadership sets the agenda and has to makes sure everyone is on board. Through the interview process people will perhaps be disingenuous but soon enough they will be found out (see Weebly's CEO quote below)

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