Discovered a new mentor in Deborah Mills-Scofield today. She recently shared her thoughts on comfort zones and it really struck home.The world is changing.- On a political level, with recent elections in France & the US, and the UK's shifts to leave the EU; - and on a cultural level, with data and automation disrupting every single industry one by one.

But on a personal level too, my world is changing: Salt gives you the power to create your own desk, your own business - centered around industry expertise, plugging into our universes (our networks), nurturing relationships, and always learning.

So I've been taking seriously Business Development (something that before has been definitely outside my comfort zone) and because since I was a young kid I've been obsessive about books, my solution has been to read. Currently working my way through:  1. Biz Dev for Dummies, 2. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, and3. Dale Carnegie's classic on friend winning.

The general takeaway:  To win new business, improve the way you interact with people.One key way to interact better with people, give them compliments.

As an analytical thinker and introvert, putting people at ease in this way hasn't been my strong suit.

But I'm expanding my comfort zone. (It's official!) I'm going out and meeting people.

3 Meet Ups scheduled for this week already!

The Goal?   To learn more from UX Professionals what they need and expect from agency recruiters.I'm not going to assume I can help - doing it the way it's always been done.I'm going to ask and listen. If the old way still works, no need to innovate.If something needs changing, I'm ready.But I'll change myself first, and shower others with compliments. Because I know change comes hard.

Either way, on a personal level, I'll be growing my comfort zone and making new connections.Because no matter who we are, we're always learning.