Salt hosted an event on Women in Tech this month. The response was amazing, the discussion passionate and we left happy to have provided another forum for this vitally important topic. 

No matter what we keep telling ourselves, women are not equal and there is still so much to fight for - in our professional and private lives. Interestingly the biggest critics of feminism are often women. It makes me wonder why we can't be united in our fight. We have the same set of chromosomes but whether you call yourself a feminist, an egalitarian, an equalist or simply a women - we should all be striving to reach the same goal. 

And I would not stop at women. All men - in my liberal, ideal world - should be supporting this same goal. Men are sons, fathers and brothers and it concerns them just as much. More importantly, equality will never be achieved without men's support for it. 

I see some positive signals: I was glad to see that half of our attendees at the Women in Tech event were men. I am happy to know that 42% of the people in our company are women and we want to hire more women. I was impressed when I took part in the London Women's March to see that so many people took to the streets for women's rights. 

What I would like to see from the corporate world is a commitment to equality and diversity. Not just as stats in a report. We need this to truly empower women, give them the same salaries, put them in decision making positions and give them and their families more support to manage their lives outside of work. 

To all women who think there is nothing to fight for anymore, I would like to use the words of Dina Leygerman. Because we are not done yet.