The Salt of the Earth

We at Salt, love a good pun.

It’s exactly the kind of dependable humor one can lean on to get through the day in a world that takes itself altogether too seriously. 

Generally speaking, the expression “salt of the earth” implies discussion about an uncommonly kind-hearted, reliable, group of people – which, if you ask any of the countless folks we’ve helped land a job over the past few years – they’ll tell you we totally are.

Here though, what I’m really getting at is the fact that Salt, as you know and love it, has recently taken the step towards becoming a truly global firm – a fact that makes us a true, bonafide company of the earth! Hence Salt… of the earth! 

Now, once you manage to reign in the uncontrollable laughter you’re experiencing upon fully understanding my brilliant pun, I’ll tell you exactly how we got to be this way, and where we’re headed for the future.

Everywhere Around the World

We’re coming to America.

Well, actually we’re already here.

In a move that was as you might imagine, a long time coming, we’ve recently opened an office in New York City – breaking our first ground in what will be an ongoing effort to build up Salt’s presence throughout the United States in the future.

It was an easy decision to expand into the US market where the number of tech jobs has been steadily on the rise for a long time. The country notably added around 200,000 jobs in 2015 alone - nearly a third of which were in California - where we’ll be opening a second office later this year. 

We’re all very excited about this new chapter because, with the wealth of opportunities that exist here, we fully expect to continue experiencing the same success we’ve had in other major cities around the world including London, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai.

Importantly, this expansion also gives us the distinct advantage of being a recruitment firm with a truly global footprint - something which puts us in a great position to cater to the already vast, and growing marketing tech landscape. 

What this allows us to do, therefore, is connect our candidates to the right roles – ones that they might not have been able to find otherwise if it weren’t for our extensive, international network and expertise. Furthermore, being a global firm allows us to provide a much larger talent pool to the many companies which utilize us to find their next superstar employee – a service they find invaluable.

Other Ways We Continue to Push Ourselves Forward

When James Walsh and Sam Harrison started us off they were patient and slowly built up a team of 20 exceptionally talented people across many key areas of the digital landscape.

The trajectory this set us on allowed us to naturally develop a proficiency in the four key industries we currently work within to provide both permanent and contract offerings for our clients.

In no particular order, here’s what those areas are:

Creative – Where we work to source Copy Writing, Design, and UX/UI jobs to name a few.

Tech – Where we place folks within AI, Data Science, DevOps, Product Management, and Pre-Sale, Web Development, Software, Development

Marketing – Where we find Content, Performance, PR, and Communications professionals.


Sales Account & Management – Where we locate CRO, VP of Sales, Director Level and Senior/Mid-level Enterprise Executives. 

This sounds like a broad range because it is.

Yet, despite this variety and the constant evolution of the digital marketplace, we continue to be the best choice for our clients by keeping our fingers on the pulse of the changes happening within all the fields we recruit for.

Above all, however, the one thing that most facilitates our ability to do this is our diversity. 

At Salt, we have a world-class team of Scots, Aussies, Londoners, New Yorkers, West Coasters, and of course, the Irish. This core group, at its heart, is what makes Salt incomparable to other worldwide recruitment agencies. For at the end of the day, while the scope of our work might be global, our knowledge and expertise remains proudly local. 

And that won’t ever change.