Everyone has goals and dreams they would like to achieve both in the short and distant future. These could be related to enhancing your career, some more personal and some might be stepping stones to bigger things. But in reality how often do we actually tick things off our bucket lists? If you're anything like me that list might need a heavy dusting off. 

My everyday life as a Recruiter is a series of lists, to dos and swiping things off day plans. So why don't we treat our bucket lists in the same way? After all, those goals and targets are just as important, if not more so than the everyday tasks we set ourselves.

Whether your list is 1 or 1001 things it's time to get the wheels in motion and get ticking things off that neglected list. 

Write it down 

Do you have a bucket list? If not, why not? There are thousands of 'bucket lists' on Google a lot including things like Skydiving and swimming with sharks etc these may be super exciting to some people to me the thought of throwing myself out of a plane creates only feelings of crippling fear. Not something I want on my bucket list. A bucket list should be filled with the things that I want to achieve in my life. What is a dream of mine may not be a dream of yours and that is more than okay. Your list shouldn’t follow rules laid out by other people's/Google lists or dreams either. Your list needs to be something that you are passionate about, for you to want to work towards it.

So firsts things first write it down, make it feel real and get working on ticking off those life goals. 

Ticking that first thing off the list

There was a dream I had that I ticked off last year and that was living in Manhattan. I've grown up surrounded by media and infamous images of the city that never sleeps and knew I would regret not living there for at least a short time. In my role, I am lucky as I recruit across all our Global locations and we recently launched an office in NYC. I pitched the idea of me going to my boss (thanks, Elliot!) and in a few months, I was packing (too many) suitcases to spend the next three in the Big Apple. 

I hadn't lived abroad before and being able to immerse myself in a new culture in both work and play was an experience I won't forget. I learnt some valuable lessons from my New York experience 1) Speak up if you don't like something 2) You don't get anything if you never ask for it and 3) you won't actually put on weight from $1 pizza slices if you have an irrational fear of the Subway and walk everywhere! Things I missed about the UK 1) Marks and Spencers 2) REAL non-sugared bread and 3) The tube (Who would have thought it?)

Make some changes

Don't feel like you can't make changes to your bucket list it is, after all, personal to you. Our priorities change over time and our goals will therefore also change. Never be afraid to add or remove things away from your list, whatever they may be and never think that something is too small to be an achievement; they are your dreams and no one can belittle them unless you allow them.

What is top of your bucket list? Why don’t you book that trip, make that career change or find out what you need to do to tick off your goals? Do it now, before you forget and before your life gets in the way!