Growing up, when I wasn't sure about something my dad always asked me if "in 10 years time the choice I made would make a difference to me?" I never knew the answer (I do now) but understood what he was getting at (sort of), even though all I cared about was that moment (as you do when you are young and foolish).

Now I am actually an adult (really....) and have to make big decisions alone, the fear of getting it wrong is always there and has on many occasions stopped me from doing things or saying things that may be spectacular, or the other end of the spectrum an absolute epic fail. Sometimes we look for signs or gut feelings that guide us in the right direction, sometimes they are just not there.

In today's day and age, we can use technology to help with decisions and look for historical data on almost everything we can touch and see. In daily life, it's unlikely we will have all the facts, the truths or the details in which to make our choices. Sometimes we have to take the bull by the horns, jump in feet first and commit.

In the attached article we read about how if you are 70% sure of something you can take a chance, set a time frame and commit to giving it everything. If it doesn't work, you can get back to where you were, whats the worst that can happen? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos did, look at him.

I think we would all want to take that chance and get to the other side (the side Jeff sits on). I definitely think ill be making more high velocity decisions and living a little more. The problem is I am just unsure about doing it.