I just had the absolute pleasure of watching the movie Hidden Figures. For those of you who haven't yet it's the story of the rarely highlighted "women computers" who were behind NASA's early space programme.  I for one had no idea the role these three powerful women played and left questioning why this story had never been told, certainly not in mainstream media. Then it made me question have we really made the progress we think or are we still hidden figures? We talk about the glass ceiling and at the same time, we are trying to "Lean In" so why is it that 50 years later we are still discussing and fighting for equal pay and gender equity. I think what impressed me so much about the three strong female leads in this movie, is they kept pushing and broke through to create a pathway for others against the odds. So whilst we need to work towards creating more favourable odds we must never stop pushing and never let the topic stray from our conscious so it's not another 50 years before we deliver gender equity at all levels.