Today is Red Nose Day - definitely a worthy cause giving to and we did not want to miss out on having some fun activities in the office to raise money and have a laugh.

Our London office raised quite a bit of money and organised an eventful day for the team. There was lots of red everywhere. Kudos especially to our lovely ladies in red Sarah, Amanda, the Laurens and Claudia and Eddy for wearing his best red trainers. A big thank you to Daisy, Holly and Morvern for decorating the office.

We started the day with all the red fruit and red juice we could source, kicking off our meeting to set targets for the day. After lunch, the team had a sugar rush from all the best red-coloured candy and chocolate our local supermarkets have to offer.

At the end of the day, we all gathered for The Hunger Games! A doughnut eating competition with 20 GBP donations per eaten doughnut. The brave contenders were David Sims, Peter May and Lauren Chamberlain. Good job, guys!

With more healthy red snacks and everyone wearing their noses with pride, we concluded a great day with lots of laughter and maybe a bit of a sugar overload.

Thank you, Richard, for the initiative! Have a good weekend, everyone!