Data Science has been a very hot topic over the last few years across Europe and the Western world, with the increasing growth of Analytics based startups in San Francisco and London. Dubai has always been classed as around 2-3 years behind the Western world within the Technology and Digital markets and as a result, we’re starting to see the birth of “REAL” Data Science within the region in 2017.

At the recent World Economic Forum, 21 experts from organizations such as NASA, NYU Langone Medical Center, MIT, ConsenSys, and the SENS Research Foundation came up with the following trends and predictions for the UAE.

“The predictions include artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics and drones, self-driving cars, personalized medicine, biological engineering, alternative education, distributed energy, and many more.”

So as the Data Science trend spreads across the UAE, companies are looking to the rest of the world to attract the best talent, but how are they to going about this?

It is important that companies looking to implement Data Science have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve with their data. There has been many occasions where Data Scientists from strong statistical backgrounds with experience working with Machine Learning methodologies are brought into organizations in the region without any clear guidance on what they are supposed to produce. With the lack of guidance from management and colleagues, these Data Scientists find it an ongoing battle educating the field.

With the extensive demand for Data Scientists from companies all over the world it is important that companies streamline their recruitment process, rather than the traditional, long winded approach. Data Scientists regularly have multiple opportunities at any given time, so to stand out - companies in Dubai need to keep their processes short and informative to attract interest.

So despite Dubai being a bit late to the party, Data Science seems to have arrived and rest assured it is here to stay!