Boston Consulting Group have the intellectual gravity and reputation to bring together some of the most provocative and proven thought leaders in the world. At this time of year this reputation is protected and increased by the digital forum that BCG host at the World Exonomic Forum in Davos. I have to say, their line up this year was exceptional, congratulations BCG,

- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

- Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of ABB Group

- Andrew McAfee, codirector of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Their theme was “Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and the Next Wave of Productivity Growth." I hope you'll take a look at the summarised version of the debate in the link to BCGs website below. There are some revealing insights offered in the responses from the panelists. Nadella from Microsoft talks about the 4th industrial revolution being what we also term as the digital revolution, and that the fuel for the revolution is the intelligence we can make from the huge amounts of data that we now have access to. That leads onto more thoughts and comments about how AI will replace many jobs, but that there will always be more and more jobs as we discover things that humans can spend their time doing that we could never have attempted before. Please read the script on the link, its fascinating and captures your attention.

What resonated with me was how we have got the key themes right at Salt. Last week we launched 2017 with a presentation about what we call the Digital Frontiers that our clients have to consider and master. They were Security, Articicial Intelliegnce, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Ecommerce. Many of which are discussed at the digital forum at Davos. I also met with the Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer of Deutsche Bank yesterday where we also discussed these topics.

We know these topics at Salt and we face them every day. I'm really proud of the operation and team we have and that we help clients with the topical issues that represent the difference between success in the digital age and failure.