IBM have summarised it well with this Video.  It is now a fact that I see evidenced every day that recruitment done well is driven with a marketing type of mentality.  This is particularly true in the digital arena simply because the talent pool is shallow and the best people are in such demand.  

At Salt we drive a mentality where all of us create, propagate and protect our own universe.  Each Universe is created by objects, namely clients and candidates.  We are proactive about knowing which objects create most gravity in our universe and how they move individually.  

It is absolutely true that often clients become candidates, and the other way around.  in 2017 one of our main drives at Salt is on service experience.  It is actually hard to find the words to describe how important I think it is to ensure great experience nowadays.  It is vital in every sector and one signature of our age.  With so many online outlets for commentary and opinion available for people to check before using a service, everyone has to be aware of the impact of even 1 bad write up.  proactively avoid them!

Supporting clients and candidates to grow their teams and careers in the digital arena is exciting.  But moving at the speed we have to in order to continue the success that Salt has had over recent years means that we need to be more conscious than ever of the need to learn and continue to be aware of the landscape that we are on.  Most importantly, we have to be proactive about identifying, attracting and forming relationships that become productive with candidates through driving great service and being proactive.