You are asking a question that you are curious about, to people you’ve never met, from places you've never been to. You are buying products relying on these people's reviews. Watching movies without needing to reach for the remote control. Staying in random people's houses and driving their cars. All of these things and more, are now normal to millions of people across the globe. This change has been adopted in a very short timeframe.

I think of these examples and many others, and I wonder what is stopping us from embracing other new technologies? And how long will it be before we consider it normal to replace other everyday habits through commonly accepted technological advancements.

Which of our everyday habits in the "Connected Home" will we miss once we've replaced them? Will it be those annoying but sometimes ingenious adverts? Will it be when you realise your milk has gone sour before your fridge has alerted you? Or will it be when you stub your toe in the middle of the night because your automatic light sensor fails?

Which of our habits in the future of "transportation as a service" will replace thoroughly enjoyable pleasures such as driving your own car that you saved for years to buy?

Some of the future advancements in technology are extremely exciting, we should hold tight and get ready for the ride! This digital revolution is gathering a head of steam and has an insatiable appetite for change!

Or you could sit tight, stubbornly refuse to cease buying your morning newspaper from the corner shop on the way to work, get lost on the way to your meeting (navigating your way with a paper map), miss your favourite live TV show, aired just once a week, whilst your stuck at the office because you missed your meeting and when you finally get home to feed your cat, you receive a scratch or two… Cat’s don’t enjoy sour milk.