Why do I do what I do?  I used to come to work just to earn money and paid little attention to whether I had a true sense of purpose about why I was turning up every day.  Now its different.  Something is happening that I want to be a part of, the digital revolution, and I play my part in the revolution as a leader at Salt.  

Honestly, when people used to ask me what I did I always had that slight reservation as I said that I work in recruitment.  I don't feel that now.  Working in the largest pure play digital recruitment company on the planet makes me feel proud.  We literally change peoples lives as we find them new roles and often relocate entire families to new countries.  When I am delivering training, doing mentoring or just holding a one to one with any of our teams I always encourage a new mindset.  The ability to recognise the influence that our roles have on peoples lives is empowering and liberating.  All of our consultants have specialisms and can stand proud that we know our markets.  Most recruiters can't say that.  The fact that the people I work with can stand proud and feel like they are the career counsel for some of the best talent in the digital space inspires me.  

The digital revolution is changing everything, apart from one thing.  People.  Historically people were the most variable aspect of most scenarios.  You could rely on most things being more or less static as you started a project knowing that the thing most likely to change would be the humans!  Now the humans as one of the most consistent things and its everything else thats changing at light speed.  From the moment a project is started to the moment it completes the amount of software, hardware, wearables that will have changed or been updated will be in the dozens.  Data insight gets richer and deeper every day, so what if your due diligence and research of yesterday is outdated by a big data revelation this morning?  Salt know and continue to find the best people in this revolution for our clients, and they need more of them every day.  Thats what we do.

So, Im proud, thats the message.  I walk into the office each day ready to play my part in providing the people who will continue to drive this revolution.  It is a sense of purpose that I hope we all share at Salt.