I have read a lot of content recently which talks about digital transformations. How is your business being affected? How should your business be adapting? And so on…

But I’ve always been left thinking, what is a digital transformation? Well in simple terms it’s about adapting how your business operates in order to work with new technology. But isn’t everything digital now? The first touch point for customers is the company website, fully responsive mobile websites are essential and you would be hard pushed to find a company who doesn’t use social media!

I had assumed that all businesses are already operating digitally, this could be because I’m part of the generation of what you would call ‘millennials’. Millennial’s have been brought up on digital and don’t really know life without the internet and personal tech devices. Millennial’s will look at marketing in a digital world as opposed to digital marketing.

So how do businesses who are struggling to adapt or transform their businesses digital manage? Quite simply, hire a millennial or work with one as your mentor. They are the future after all!