Most people can relay a story when they have let their temper get the better of them in the workplace or alternatively you may have snapped at someone in the heat of the moment. On the whole you would describe these exchanges as having a negative impact generally leaving one party feel low or demotivated at work.

The article I read recently said that leaders should listen before they let anger get the better of them. A statement I would agree with, after all, listening before you jump to conclusions can help you to understand someone else’s point of view and hopefully prevent any impending arguments!

But this made me think do emotions have a home in the workplace? Most people would argue that work is work and emotions should be left out especially if you are in a position of leadership (after all values start from the top down).

But I would argue that it’s about balance, think about Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, a surprising interesting insight into the human psyche. Anger comes from a place of emotion, and emotion has merits as it shows people are passionate about their job. Passion fuels productivity and performance and is also the emotion that can trigger the most creative concept. I’m not suggesting we allow people to unleash their anger in the office but instead we should be sympathetic to a certain degree of emotion. A cry here and there, an exclamation of glee…

So the key to a harmonious and productive workplace? Listen, work together and emotion (within reason!)