What does it take to grow a successful company in the modern world and  current climate. Is being enthusiastic, lucky, hardworking and tenacious enough or do you actually need a good grounding in business strategy or know who to lean on for advice. 

In the last few years parts of many companies, some clients and some competitors have gone through or started to go through major transformations. Changing and innovating around operating models, capabilities, processes, technology are all big things but necessary to evolve and stay alive.

That famous phrase that is apparently imminent suicide "we've always done it this way" just doesn't have any place in the modern organisation.

A particular client of ours has built a phenomenon on design thinking and looking at the bigger picture. 

As a business in the last 5 years (that has gone fast!) I have watched us grow from 30 staff in London to 165 across 8 offices with more in the pipe, now Europe's largest and most successful Digital recruiter. Our goal was to dominate digital and I believe we have done this by listening to each other, collaborating and most of all being empowered to be who we want to be and within reason do what we want to do to make things happen.

The larger a business gets the harder it is to stay agile and remember that the employee is key to the business. Richard Branson has built an empire on (among other things) putting employees first. I think that if people don't know what you do till you don't do it,  Stand up and make your self heard. 

Superman once said , "You are stronger than you think", Who wants to argue with him?