As an ex chef, business owner and massive foodie wasting food (and money) is something that is not ok with me, in fact I hate it. Sometimes it's unavoidable, you buy too much and can't consume it, the kids want carrots instead of corn (hahaha as if) or you cook for friends, they hate it and you are left with too much to manage before its unsafe to eat. But imagine that we are just ignorant (heaven forbid). Imagine we have just become accustomed to doing things in a certain way because it's convenient or the way we believe its meant to be done. Well thankfully I am here to educate you on this very important subject. Food innovation is a sure fire way to keep your tastebuds tingling, your pocket positive and your tummy ticking over.

Almost 50% of all food thrown away in the UK comes from our homes (shame on us).

The average UK family throws away 22% of their weekly shop, which is worth £700 a year. So that’s £12.5 billion in the UK (shame on us again).

In countries where supermarkets are not on every corner and food is harder to come by they utilize things properly.

For us lucky ones we should look for little ways to save money, make things go further or to re invigorate our love for certain food items. in turn keeping it real and making it exciting (you should see my apron!!!). 

Start with this one. Summers coming get it on the bbq, it will change you view and maybe your love for bananas.

How do you eat a banana? Peel that bad boy, eat the flesh and throw the skin right..... WRONG. Read on my friends and keep an open mind, Let me know how you get on.