There was a distinct and palpable feeling of excitement in the air. Granted, it's only really me that felt it, but it was there all the same. I was sitting at my desk, doing my thing, then I got the call.

"Hi Nic. There's a parcel here at reception for you!"

Well!!! I don't think my team have seen me run so fast. They don't know. But I do. I know exactly what's coming. They're shiny, they're high, they're metallic, they're on trend, they (appear to) look comfortable. And best of all, they're here!

Now, you may be thinking "What is all the fuss about?!" But trust me, my new shoes have got nothing in comparison to the uproar and storm that raged last week. PwC. Two to four inch heels. Need I say more?

As always, I can see both sides but ultimately, to legally be able to tell a woman that she must wear a (relatively) high-heel, is archaic at best.

However, I wear a heel most days. But I'm strategic with it. Ladies, you will not catch me running for my train in stilettos, brisk walking to a client meeting in Louboutin’s or grabbing my lunch from M&S in Tabitha Simmons’.

I have a shoe rack under my desk and I intend to use it. Genuinely. Probably between 5 and 10 pairs of heels to choose from at any one time. And that's the fundamental point. I choose. A decision made purely to match my outfit and my mood.

"Gosh, I just don't know how you do it! Always wearing heels. I just couldn't"

Girl, are you for real? Ask me how I balance 2 kids, a demanding, extended family and a job. Not how I slip my feet into the shoes I love every day. I work in an office, I'm not running a marathon.

I have never suffered with bloodied toes or blisters. If my shoes hurt, I take them off. Come on!