Don’t panic or feel inadequate! I didn’t either.

Her name is Muriel Lester. She was born in 1885, was a social reformer, pacifist, nonconformist and East Londoner – I love her already!

She was born wealthy but used her privileged background to help the poor, promote peace and dedicated her life to helping others.

She took on the role of a pacifist in 1914, became mates with MK Ghandi in 1926, was fearless and brave and said things that were massively controversial. In those days, her opinions and position were dangerous, leading to her detainment in the West Indies following many successful and inspiring pacifist speeches in the US.

Muriel was dubbed the ‘Mother of World Peace’, she travelled the world and by the time she died at the age of 83, she had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Twice.

That’s it folks. That’s about as much as I could find on such an important female icon.

And that is why I am writing this. Last post, I committed to talking about success stories and female role models, rather than focussing on the negatives. Sites like Wikipedia and the people who write the content, are vital to promote not only the recent inspiring women, but also our lionesses of the past.

Pop down if you’re in the neighbourhood or just jump on Wiki an have an edit yourself. Easy. Important. Proactive.

Go Muriel!