Can analysis really take the passion out of sports? Perhaps I have a vested interest in that I recruit within Analytics however I find this to be a ridiculous assertion.

Athletes and their coaches spend at least eighty per cent of their time working on how they can glean an extra one or two per cent more from their efforts on the field. With greater emphasis on hard numbers sports teams will be able to turn their attention to issues highlighted by unbiased facts rather than what a coach is able to incidentally notice and then scribble on a notepad frantically.

As an Arsenal FC fan I have my complaints about Stan Kroenke, however the one thing I do advocate is his expenditure on sports analysis. Though visibility is limited on exactly what the money is used for I think positive signings like Mohamed Elneny are testament to the value that can be extracted from sports data. Here’s to hoping we can challenge for the title until the end next year. Our meandering performance over the last seven or eight years is a far greater culprit for taking the passion out of sport in my book!