Perhaps eating cake isn't very becoming of a Mother of Dragons. Or perhaps it's a hard earned reward after a long day in the office, followed by getting said-Dragons into bed at a reasonable hour.

I guess that the point is; we can have our cake and eat it. We can run a house, cook a meal, look good, raise the next generation of game-changers and have an amazing career in what is widely regarded as a male-dominated industry. Everyone's on our side.

We've never had it so good. We have a plethora of groups and evangelists who promote us. We have free-courses, meet-ups and training that educate and inspire us. We have our male counterparts who embrace our cause and fight our corner (thanks guys). But we have a media that often paints a different picture.

As with everything, we are all too quick to talk about the negatives, but by doing that, are we discouraging women from applying or striving for roles in technology?

Where are all the girls at? Who are our roles models and how can we get them more coverage? I'm committing to putting these ladies on pedestals and shouting about them. Being a Mother of 2 little Dragons myself, I feel a responsibility to inspire my boys in what I do every day. Setting a powerful example and showing them that it is possible to balance it all and live in a World with no boundaries.

Step out of the shadow of our much-loved media and into the light, where the world is your oyster. No moaning, no fear, no complaining, no excuses.

Check out this Rising Stars shortlist for a start. 

Now can someone pass me a slice of the Red Velvet?