Hacker News. The place to find tech jobs and tech candidates - straight from the source - and thanks to Yanis Here's his Tech Blog all the data over the past year has been collected to visualize whats HOT in the tech world.

You can see the trends here - TECH HIRING TRENDS LINK

Here's a brief synopsis:

  • Python and Javascript are the hottest programming languages
  • iOS > Android (duh)
  • ReactJS has won the MVC war. Angular's a close 2nd
  • People still prefer engineers working ONSITE.

I would have predicated these stats if asked, so no major shocks in there...But good to see it in a cool visualization.

https://twitter.com/janis_t - follow Yanis, he worked hard to compile this.

Plus its an open source project! Contribute here - Github

Predictions for next year/week...

  1. PHP will make a comeback..
  2. Transcoders will become life