Well it appears that the ball was firmly in the woman's court (only the girl could message). 

Then the ball went over to the man's court (he could reply whenever he felt like it)

And here we are today, with a new 24 hour window for that man's reply (where's the bloody ball gone?!)

People please.

I totally get the premise. Empower women to make the first move if they want. Stop or certainly aim to prevent the shower of aggression and derogatory messages that can often ensue.

My opinions come from an uneducated perspective of the world of online dating - I've not used them. More of a long-term (pre-phenomenon) relationship thing rather than turning down face-face offers daily!

But putting time limits on both parties takes the fun out of it, no? Apparently, not. The infographic shows that all messages sent and initiated chats have increased significantly. 

Even in the colossal sphere of online dating, equality reigns supreme.