Which skills should I put on my CV? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when someone tries to apply for a new job. The problem is that jobs skills are to some extent similar to outfits: each year there are new trends and new things which are considered as a must-have by designers (or in our case recruitment consultants). 

Similar to fashionistas who regularly check fashion blogs, read the Vogue and go to fashion shows, it's crucial for job seekers to keep themselves updated about job skill trends. Fortunately, Bloomberg responded to this need and published a report about those job skills which recruiters rate as "hardest to find" & "most important" in 2016. In order to save you time, I've summarised the most important results below:

10 most important skills in 2016:

1) communication skills

2) analytical thinking

3) collaborative working

4) strategic thinking

5) leadership skills

6) creative problem solving

7) motivation / drive

8) adaptability

9) quantitative skills

10) decision-making

10 hardest to find skills in 2016:

1) strategic thinking

2) creative problem solving

3) leadership skills

4) adaptability

5) work experience

6) communication skills

7) risk-taking

8) decision-making

9) analytical thinking

10) global mindset