Currently in London, if women want to close the gender pay gap and be offered the same salaries as men within tech and other male-dominated sectors, my advice would be...just turn up.

Let me explain. My job gives me the amazing opportunity to work with clients within the technology and digital space. I speak to them regularly about partnering to provide game-changing talent, innovation, and most frequently, diversity. 

I've spoken before about gender diversity not being all about the negative horror stories and discrimination. But let me spell it out. We are currently in a pivotal era of change for women in the workplace. It has become part of our daily conversations. Yes, we need to encourage more women to push for more board-level roles. Yes, we need to inspire our girls to pursue studies and careers within STEM. Yes, the statistics don't lie...these industries are dominated by males.


The conditions for women to succeed in STEM are at the best they've ever been and continue to improve. Companies are targeting and measuring themselves on creating diversity.

Perhaps we are more progressive in London. Or more willing to take action. The long and short of it is: I work in a magnificent City where I watch companies hire across a spectrum of technology roles everyday. Our ladies are treated equally when it comes to pay (on entry) into companies.

My secret is: A company is hiring. Two candidates apply with exactly the same experience, skill set and cultural fit. One is a man. One is a woman. In nearly all cases, the woman will get the job. Like it or loathe it (and surely we all like it?!), diversity is a deciding factor in companies' hiring processes.

We're in a good long as we ensure that we turn up.