The speed at which the digital world impacts everything we do continues to accelerate exponentially.

It changes how we travel, heat our homes, shop, talk, sleep, run - it's in your phones, homes and trainers, and it's not done yet.

Technology and software evolve, and whilst we ponder the rise of the internet of things, the experience of things is the bleeding edge of that next step.

The key factor, the do or die for big business (and small business alike, you can argue) is early adoption of UX.

That doesn't mean hiring someone with UX on their CV and calling it a day, it means embedding UX into your business culture.

Build a UX team, integrate UX into your product and process, and get everyone thinking about the end user. From the interns to the CEO, everyone should be a bit UX.

Without this mentality, if business as usual is the way we proceed, companies will suffer and die in the face of competition driven by their users.