I am one of those people that get up early and from that moment on don't really stop all day. Its like I am on auto pilot most of the day especially when it comes to getting to and from work.  On the way in, the escalator is a warm up for the gym (on dreaded leg days anyhow) and on the way home I cant get down fast enough and wonder is there a faster way.......(seen that go wrong a few times)

However it seems I am not alone. Someone at TFL has suggested that making all escalators standing room only reduces congestion.... are they crazy!!!? Or am I the mad one, missing a trick. Whats the hurry, why not slow down and enjoy the scenery or the digital posters on the tube.

How will it be policed? Is this yet another thing for the British public to monitor and control.

I am really keen to see if habits of a lifetime are broken here and if this actually becomes the norm for people as oppose to the exception.

For now however I have to run and get my train.