Are you tired of your daily routine and would like to gain new experiences in your life? Then why don't you consider to work abroad for a while? Your initial thoughts might be that you cannot simply give up your current life. The truth is, though, that you don't GIVE ANYTHING UP - you just allow yourself a little BREAK. A break which allows you to see new things, meet new people and focus on yourself. At the same time you will automatically strengthen your relationship with your beloved ones at home because the time you spend with them will be pure quality time and they will appreciate every single moment when they see you - I speak from experience :).

So in case you dare to take this adventure, here are 5 of the best countries to work abroad according to HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2015:

1) Singapore: global financial centre, great quality of life, many career opportunities, exciting social life

2) New Zealand: amazing landscapes, outdoor lifestyle, one of the best places for families, easy integration with the local Maori and Kiwi culture

3) Sweden: stable economy, excellent social security programmes, environmentally friendly, family-oriented culture

4) Bahrain: financially beneficial country, cheap costs of living, higher quality of life, more disposable income

5) Germany:  economic stability, family-oriented culture, social security, high living standards

And never forget: consider your experience abroad as a break. If you like it, extend the break. If you don't like it, you can always come home :)!