Some of you might know the movie "I, Robot", starring Will Smith, which talks about the dependence of humans on robots and the risk that robots might take over the world in 2035 (19 years from now on). When I watched the movie, I thought that it would be pretty unrealistic that robots could perform all the jobs that humans currently do as they would neither have the necessary soft skills nor the intelligence.

As it stands today, it is still not very likely that robots will completely replace humans on the job market in the near future. However, there is another problem: the ongoing development of new technologies (including automation) has been eliminating more jobs for humans than creating new ones, increasing the unemployment rate in the UK and US tremendously. According to an Oxford study, in 2010 not even 1% of people was employed in job sectors which did not exist in 2000 but many people lost their jobs due to automation.

So even if we do not have to fear to be fully dependent on robots in 19 years time, it might already be worth considering careers which are not based on automation because the future is always coming sooner than expected.