Let me start by saying, I have tattoo's...LOTS. 

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a liberal and creative environment, where if I wanted tattoos my parents were happy for me to get one at 18 (I sneaked off school and got my first at 16..ssshhhhhh) 

The thing is though that i don't "get them out" in work, if i don't feel the situation is appropriate. 


When it comes to work and interviews, my tattoos for me, are a burden occasionally...but a burden that I accepted when that needle first hit my forearm.

I have always believed in the fact that you have to respect that some people don't like tattoos. Its nothing personal, just a matter of opinion. And what a boring life we would live if we didn't have difference of opinion!

I don't think in every working situation tattoo's should be on show. Especially during an interview, business/client meetings etc. I judge the decision to show my tattoo's in the work place on a case by case basis, even though everyone knows i have them...maybe I'm paranoid or maybe even though i have tattoo's I still think like someone who doesn't? 

BUT, it seems that in a climate where talented candidates are scarce, and job opportunities are a plenty, that the candidates are now actively choosing to only work for a business that truly embraces the diversity and inclusion of tattoos...

Maybe even my view point is now old fashioned......is yours?