Fact: there are large numbers of supporters of diversity and indeed, women in technology. 

Fact: I see the challenges and multi-level discrimination that women can often face in our industry at ground level, every day.

Fiction: It's all negative and there's no hope

All too often, we are bombarded by the negativity surrounding gender diversity in technology. Most of us are well-versed in the challenges that women often face, the shortages of female talent in this sector and the desperate need for promotion within education for our tech girls of the future.

But for every horror story, there is a tale of success and inspiration. There is a real need for the promotion of positive role models and last month, as we celebrated International Women's Day, we witnessed thousands of examples of women who are changing the status quo.

These are exciting times. We are witnessing a pivotal change from how companies view and challenge diversity issues, to the inspiration of young girls around the world within education through websites like Wogrammer.org

Our opportunities are endless and our horror stories will soon become 'Once Upon a Time' fairy-tales that our children will regard as fiction...well that's the dream...