Being a foreign language speaker working abroad, I have noticed that thanks to my language skills a variety of job opportunities have come up for me. Why? Because nowadays the job market is extremely competitive and many people have the same if not better qualifications than you. Languages provide an opportunity to stand out from the crowd as not everyone has the patience to learn them. More precisely, language learning is an ongoing process - not a one-off thing - which means that you have to be continously involved with your foreign language and that requires passion.

Some of you might ask why companies cannot just use Google Translate or something similar to cover language barriers. There is a simple answer to that: languages develop and change constantly (just think of jeggings, bromance or chillax). Typing these words into Google Translate is pretty useless as in some languages there might not even be a translation for them. A multilingual employee can instead explain the words and find synonyms in the required language.

The following 8 languages are particularly beneficial as they are spoken in economically powerful countries:

  1. French
  2. Russian
  3. Japanese
  4. Spanish
  5. Mandarin
  6. German
  7. Arabic
  8. Portuguese

Check out the link below to see in which countries these eight languages are spoken!