Last week I had a coffee with a friend - also known as Tinderella among our friends - who lives and breathes dating apps. Her answer to my question if she would not get bored of all the chat-up lines was that she would not use these apps solely to date guys. To prove her point, she took out her phone and showed me that she had got a couple of job offers via some of these apps.

First I couldn't believe what I saw but in the last days I did some research and it's true - recruiters are more and more often using dating apps to find candidates for their jobs. Why? Industry experts give the following reasons:

  1. With millions of active users, some dating apps are important consumer platforms
  2. Engaging interfaces (such as in dating apps) are preferred to outdated recruitment approaches as it gives people are personal feel
  3. Apps enable loyalty between consumers and products / services (which is not very typical in the traditional recruitment industry)
  4. Apps help to fulfil the need to meet other people (which is not easy in big cities, like London, due to the density of people)

There are many advocates of this new recruitment approach. One of them is Jonathan Openshaw, editor of one of the most famous futures consultancies, who explains: