It’s Big Data Big Brother alert again as employee wellness firms and insurers are working with companies to mine data about the prescription drugs workers use, how they shop and even whether they vote, to predict their individual health needs and recommend treatments. (And see who’s playing hooky)

The goal is to predict who and when people are likely to be ill and how to prevent it.  

In my experience you do not need a powerful algorithm to predict when certain individuals come down with tummy bugs or Man Flu. I find the morning after Arsenal has played seems to be a particularly popular period for gastroenteritis.

In my industry I do tend to notice a correlation between candidates committing to final stage interviews and family bereavements and chronic illness. It is true that every time I have a final stage interview for a job I don’t want my dog suffers with horrendously violent diarrhoea rendering me homebound specifically during the hiring manager’s designated time slots.

How do we mitigate against such coincidental factors? Bring on the Big Data.