Recently my colleagues and I have been pitting ourselves against each other in an attempt to have our content be the most “shared” or “Liked” in our relevant networks.

Cue the click bait you may think? Well that wouldn’t cut it in such diverse, professional networks, what was needed was relevant insight and comment on key topics in our markets. How you then turn that into something worthy of sharing, liking and being of genuine worth is an art. Or could it be something more tangible?

I’m sure any number of Analysts in my network would be able to apply some basic modelling techniques to show who was the most likely to share in our networks and from that we could target our content accordingly. But unfortunately those Analysts are busy doing their jobs so I had a go at some Armchair Insight of my own.

The result – Post it pink or purple.

In the noisy world of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter news feeds it seems colour is king. The most shared and liked content by a large margin all have one key thing in common, that is the colours of the posts are soft pinks and purples.

But what do these colours actually represent? Do people like these posts because on a subconscious level they are secret royalists, love plums or think the pope looks great?

According to environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, these colours represent loathing, disgust and boredom.  This could say a lot about how people are feeling whilst trawling through their LinkedIn feed.

So please do express your disgust, loathing and sheer boredom by liking and sharing this Pink Post.