Great recruiting isn’t dead, but recruiting done the way it used to be, well, that was then, and yeah, that’s dead. If you haven’t moved on what the hell are you doing?

I gave a talk earlier this week about the digital landscape and its impact on hiring talent. To frame the context, I started in the 90’s by making calls with the Nokia 8110 (super cool right?!?) and sending CVs with fax machines. Now here I am, flexibly working from Gatwick airport waiting to board my plane, having presented my digitally scanned my boarding card and paid for my beer with my phone.

Time doesn’t stand still, so why do some recruiters think the same foundational process behind great recruiting does? If you haven’t yet figured it out there’s no room in recruiting digital talent using Waterfall process. That’s a straight line, no iteration, no feedback loop, no engagement.

That model, you know gather requirements (or take a brief), then begin work (run search), and then deliver results (send CVs/book IVs) has no guarantee for success, and plenty of time for things to go wrong. This process is no longer applied in a modern digital environment. The processes applied in those successful companies changing our everyday lives wouldn’t stand a cat in hells chance of hiring the best talent.

There is no way any current technology driven company uses this method in any other part of their business process. So WHY ON EARTH would you apply this to PEOPLE, this most important thing you can get right?

Getting people, culture, hiring, recruiting & talent right is hard, I know. Choosing the right way to do it, the people to make it happen, the technologies to help you, is hard, I know. But come one, not that!!!

I for one welcome this digital revolution, this advancement in technology, and I embrace all that it offers. But AI didn’t replace sourcing, chatbots didn’t replace interviews, and hiring is top priority. 

If hiring is a top priority, let’s get it right!