Organisers: Lead Women & Norwegian Ambassador - Gun Jorid Roset

Speaker: Digi CEO - Albern Murty

We are delighted our Regional Support Manager, Aileen Doraisamy, was invited to a  great little morning tête-à-tête organized by LeadWomen at the home of our Norwegian Ambassador Gunn Jorid Roset with Albern Murty, CEO of DiGi leading the discussion on opportunities and challenges in the face of digitalization. 

He pointed out that DiGi very much looks at diversity not only in gender but also in race, religion, nationality and age! Though the average age at DiGi is about 35-38 yrs, their oldest employee who climbs towers is 60 yrs old! Everybody, including women, should be given equal opportunities with no bias and this includes those who are in their twilight years.

Interestingly, he pointed out that most of the time, companies send only their senior management teams for expensive training courses and he asked the question why when they are already where they are and are smart. Why not train any other aspiring employees? When asked about how with Digitalization comes reduction on workforce and what his thoughts were, he responded that DiGi’s workforce NEVER reduced and their staff were actually sent for skill training and put in the respective areas where they can contribute.

Albern also spoke about the CXO Apprenticeship, a program by DiGI with Digital transformation in mind where a young graduate is mentored by the C-Level Executives for a year at a time. He also noted that mobility is something that holds back women from taking a top job because of family and other commitments. However, Gunn mentioned that if this was discussed earlier as in a year or two before uprooting people instead of in the 11th hour, probably, the employee including males will be willing to move in a heartbeat, as they would be better prepared. DiGi emphasized however that family comes first. A very lively Q & A session then ensued!

Live the culture and be customer obsessed - is the phrase Albern ended the talk with. 

Thereafter we were treated to a sumptuous Norwegian style breakfast with smoked salmon and quiche, scrambled eggs and sausages, fruit and a free flow of coffee and tea. 

Great networking ensued after with the various attendees ...

Many thanks to Lead Women, Albern and Jorid for hosting such a fun, insightful event and we very much look forward to the next opportunity connect with you!